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Dental Products India 

Dental products India has been a pioneer manufacturer of Dental materials In India for nearly five decades. DPI’s products have been regularly exported to 15 countries and are known to have superior quality and reliability. 

DPI has a large number of products in its product portfolio which are essential in dental treatments and procedures. DPI’s product portfolio includes numerous types of dental products. Some of them are – 

  • • DPI Alloys – These alloys have superior property to convential alloys in terms of compressive strength and easy carving. 
  • • Amalgam Capsules and DPI Mercury – Amalgam capsules are pre-dosed and ready for mixing. DPI mercury is a chemically pure mercury that is triple distilled. 
  • • Zinc Oxide and Eugenol – These are manufactured using best grade material and are popular for their fine quality. 
  • • Zinc Cement and Provipast – The zinc cement is highly versatile having good cementing consistency, good sealing property, and low film thickness. 
  • • Kalzinol/Kalsogen – This radio opaque zinc oxide is rapid setting and has good thermal and chemical insulation, higher initial resistance and is ideal for sensitive cavities. 
  • • Imprint Alginate Dental Impression Material – This microcellular satin texture powder is made from best grade raw materials and has exceptional dimensional stability, fine reproduction, enough working time and controlled flow. 
  • • Algitex Alginate Impression Material – This alginate powder has exceptional dimensional stability, pleasant flavor, ample working time and controlled flow. 
  • • Impression Plate, DPI propol, and Tooth Conditioner Gel – The impression paste is easy to mix and has right flow characteristics. The propol is available in medium grit and peppermint flavor. 
  • • DPI Impression Compound and Pinnacle Tracing Sticks – The Pinnacle impression compound is suitable for snap impressions and preliminary impressions. The pinnacle tracing sticks are generally used along with PIC to get accurate impressions. 
  • • DPI Heat Cure Acrylic Denture Material- This material is easy to process and is of superior quality. 
  • • DPI-RR Cold Cure Acrylic Repair Material – This material has a working time of 4 minutes and is suitable for all types of acrylic repairs. 
  • • DPI Tooth Moulding Powder – This powder is ideal for bridge and crown work to reproduce natural looking tooth. 
  • • DPI Curex Microhybrid Light Cure Composite – This resin based material has excellent polish ability making it aesthetically superior. 
  • • Curex- Lite Visible Light Curing Kit-  This curing kit ensures trouble free performance with high energy output, eye protection shield, automatic fan shut off, 360 swivel probe and a range of variable settings. 


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