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Cardiotocography paper or CTG paper is used to print a Cardiotocography to monitor fetal heart and contractions. CTG monitoring is done using Cardiotocography and is printed on the specialized Cardiotocography paper. The Cardiotocography involves placement of two transducers on the abdomen of pregnant female where one of the transducers records fetal heart rate while the other monitors contractions of uterus.

Fetal Cardiotocography is performed to –

1.Monitor uterine contractions and fetal heart rate

2.Cases of fetal tachychardia and bradychardia

3.Cardiotocography is recommended in third trimester of pregnancy.

4.CTG monitoring ensures prompt pathological CTG discovery and abnormality detection.

5.Performing Cardiotocography also give an indication of oxygen supply through placenta.

6.Women expecting twins are also recommended regular ctg monitoring.

7.If any abnormality is observed during a Cardiotocography, an ultrasound may be recommended.

CTG Paper should be of superior quality to ensure excellent printability. CTG paper should have clear print. While sourcing CTG paper features such as tear-resistance, good quality, and high durability should be considered.  Good quality Cardiotocography paper minimizes CTG reading errors. CGT paper should only be procured from authorized sellers. Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and clinics can also buy CTG Paper in Bulk for additional discount.

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