Covidien V-Loc 90 Polydioxanone Barbed Sutures

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Sorry, there are no products in this collection

Covidien V-Loc 90 Suture Device

- Covidien V-Loc 90 device is a barbed monofilament mid- term absorbable suture with an absorption profile of 90 days.

- These sutures are composed glycomer 631 which has a composition of glycolide, diaxanone, and trimethylene carbonate. These sutures are uncoated and available in violet colour or undyed.


  1. - Secure tension distribution over wounds
  2. - Faster closure of wounds when compared to standard techniques of suturing
  3. - Secure knot tying eliminating the need of third hand
  4. - The in- vivo tensile strength retention of Covidien V-Loc 90 Suture is two weeks

4.Indications for use
- These sutures are frequently used in inguinal herniography , nissen fundoplication, open dermal closure, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. Covidien V-Loc 90 Device can be used as an alternative to Biosyn Sutures, Caprosyn Sutures, Monocryl sutures, Polysorb Sutures and Vicryl Sutures. 

5.Compatible Needles -
Covidien needle recommended for use with Covidien V-Loc 90 Device is Surgalloy. These sutures are manufactured in 4-0 USP to 2- 0 USP. 

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