Covidien Ticron Polyester Sutures

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Covidien Ticron Sutures

1.Construction -
Covidien Ticron sutures are braided/multifilament non- absorbable sutures.

2.Composition -
These Sutures have a composition of polyethylene terephthalate. They are either manufactured in blue colour or white colour. They are manufactured using long chained linear polyester fibers which have recurrent aromatic rings. These sutures come in uncoated and silicon coated variants.


  1. - Secure apposition of tissues which are under constant stress
  2. - Tensile strength is retained indefinitely which lends permanent support
  3. - These sutures are highly useful for prosthetic implants.
  4. - Braiding process and silicone coating provide smooth tissue passage
  5. - Optimal knot security

4.Indications for use -
The use of Covidien Ticron Sutures is indicated for general soft tissue approximation, ophthalmic surgeries, neural surgeries and cardiovascular surgeries. There are no known contraindications for these sutures. These ticron sutures induce minimum acute inflammatory tissue response which is followed by encapsulation of the suture by fibrous tissue. These sutures are sterilized using ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation.

5.Compatible Needles -
Covidien needles recommended for use with Covidien Ticron sutures are Surgalloy, Cardiopoint, D-tach, Protect Point, DermaX and Spatula. These sutures are manufactured in USP 7-0 TO USP 5.

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