Covidien Caprosyn Polymer Sutures

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1.Construction -
Covidien Caprosyn Polymer Sutures are monofilament absorbable sutures of short-term absorption profile with an absorption time of 56 days ensuring less discomfort, better approximation, smooth passage of the suture and faster recovery of the patient.

2.Composition -
These sutures are composed of synthetic polyester Polyglytone 6211 consisting of Glycolide, Caprolactone, Trimethylene Carbonate and Lactide.Covidien Caprosyn sutures are uncoated and the monofilament construction helps in smoother passage of the suture through the tissue which minimizes the risk of infection and promotes better tissue ligation and approximation.

3.Features- These sutures ensure better recovery of patient due to ease of handling

  1. - Less tissue drag
  2. - Consistent and predictable absorption profile
  3. - Suture integrity
  4. - Lower tissue inflammatory response and superior out-of-package strength. 
  5. - Caprosyn Sutures have tensile strength retention of 60% at 5 days and 20-30% at 10 days.
  6. - The in- vivo tensile strength retention is 10 days.

4.Indications for Use
- The use of these sutures is indicated for soft tissue surgery and ligation, subcuticular closure, obstetrics and gynecology, urology and ENT related surgeries .The use of these sutures is not indicated when tissue approximation is required for longer periods of time. The faster mass absorption of the Covidien Caprosyn Polymer Sutures significantly reduces the post suturing tissue reactivity, tissue drag and risk of developing infection. Due to faster absorption the wound scarring is lesser and chances of infection are reduced and the fast absorption of sutures promotes accelerated healing of the incision site.

5.Compatible Needles
-  Covidien Needles recommended for use with Covidien Caprosyn Polymer Sutures are Surgalloy, DermaX and Protect Point. These sutures are manufactured in the USP 6-0 to 1.

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