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Celox Medical

Celox products are used to treat severe wounds and to rapidly cease bleeding in case of emergency situations. Celox products control bleeding almost instantaneously due to the presence of Chitosan celox granules that encounter blood to swell and make a gel-like plug, clotting the blood as it meets the granules. The main advantage celox offers over traditional hemostats is that it can clot hypothermic blood and no heat is generated in the procedure. It can also be easily removed from the wound while the residual would be eventually absorbed by the body.

Some of the Celox Products available on Smart Medical Buyer are;

• Celox A Haemostatic Applicator with Granules

The unique applicator delivery system allows application directly into the wound at the bleeding site in just a few minutes. The Celox granules in the pre-filled applicator are useful to stop bleeding from penetrating wounds and has been proven to perform very well even in case of strong blood flow. It is indicated to be used in knife wounds, small entry wounds, shrapnel wounds, bullet entry wounds and can be applied in a controlled manner to other wounds.

• Celox Haemostatic Gauze Roll

This gauze roll is used by trained emergency medical professionals to control bleeding in life threatening situations which involve major arteries. This gauze is effective in stopping bleeding due to Celox Chitosan Granules present on the surface of gauze in just over 3 minutes. It is indicated for use in venous and arterial bleeding, hemorrhage, wound packing, bullet wounds, shrapnel wounds, and to stop severe high pressure bleeding. Celox Haemostatic gauze roll is used and endorsed by the UK Ministry of Defense and NATO forces.

• Celox Z-Fold Haemostatic Gauze-

It is a 5 feet long sterile gauze having Celox Chitosan Granules on the surface to stop traumatic bleeding. It is indicated to be used in venous and arterial bleeding, shrapnel wounds, wound packaging, bullet injuries, and application to bleeding wounds. The gauze needs to be applied directly onto the wound and pressure needs to be held for 3 minutes to stop bleeding.

• Celox Rapid Z- Fold Haemostatic Gauze

This gauze stops bleeding almost immediately with only compression of upto 60 seconds. It forms an adhesive gel to stop traumatic bleeding and is used to control moderate to severe bleeding.

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