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Bio footprints healthcare private limited is a trusted rapid testing kit manufacturer in India since 2014. Bio Footprints has a vision to positively impact the healthcare environment by providing cost-effective health tools and solutions. Their tests are based on the latest immuno-chromatography technology known as the lateral flow rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). Bio Footprints manufactures more than 50 types of rapid tests for diagnosing various infectious, gastrointestinal, respiratory and malignant conditions.

Bio Footprints test kits utilize a small amount of specimen of blood plasma, serum or urine depending on the test to interpret the results. Bio Footprint test kits also have a long shelf life, easy to use, provide instant and accurate results and have WHO and FDA approval.

The product catalogue for Bio Footprints includes products under the following categories

Malaria Range

These rapid testing kits help test for malarial antigen. It includes Mytest Malaria Ag Pf/Pan, Mytest Malaria Ag Pf/pv, Mytest Malaria Ag Pf, Mytest Malaria Ag pan, and Mytest Malaria Ag triple (Pan/Pf/Pv).

Dengue RangeThe kits for detection of dengue antigen include Mytest Dengue NS1 Ag+Ab combo, Mytest Dengue NS1, and Mytest Dengue IgM/IgM.


These rapid tests kits include Mytest HCG pregnancy card which detects presence of Hcg to confirm pregnancy and the Mytest Luteinizing Hormone which detects LH levels.


These rapid test kits allow for early detection of sexually transmitted diseases. These rapid test kits include Mytest Syphilis Dipstick, Mytest Syphilis, Mytest Chlamydia Ag.


This includes Mytest S Pneumonia Ag, Mytest TBag MPT 64, Mytest Legionella Ag, Mytest RSV Ag, and Mytest Adenovirus Ag.


These test kits allow for early detection of antigens affecting gastrointestinal tract. This category includes Mytest Salmonella Typhi IgM/IgG, Salmonella Typhi IgM, Mytest H pylori Ag, Mytest H pylori Ab, Mytest Rota & Adeno Ag, Mytest Rotavirus Ag, Mytest V Cholera Ag, Mytest C diff Ag, Mytest Gardia Ag, Mytest Cryp Ag.


This includes Mytest FOB, Mytest HPV Ag, Mytest AFP (Alpha-fetoprotien), Mytest CEA (Carcino Emryonic Antigen), Mytest PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).


These rapid test kits detect antigens of febrile infections and include Mytest Chikungunya IgM, Mytest Leismania Ab, Mytest Filarsis Ab, Mytest Scrubtyphus, Mytest Lebtospira IgM/IgG, Mytest Hantavirus IgG/IgM, Mytest JEV IgM and Mytest Chagas Ab.


This includes Mytest Toxoplasma IgG/IgM, Mytest Rubella IgG/IgM, Mytest CMV IgG/IgM.


This category includes Mytest PCT and Mytest Semi Quantitative CRP.


These tests help with cardiac diagnosis and Include MyTest Troponin I, Mytest Cardiac Combo, Mytest D-Dimer, and MyTest NT-proBNP.


These test kits detect metabolites due to drug abuse. This includes Mytest DOA Combi 6 (MET/THC/MOP/AMP/COC/MDMA) Test kit.

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