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Johnson & Johnson Band Aid

Band-aid is an adhesive bandage manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson band aids have been used by millions of consumers over the past 90 years. Band aids are sticky on one side and have a small non sticky absorbent pad stuck in the middle. The pad is placed on the area to be protected while the sticky ends stick to the skin to keep the adhesive bandage in place. Band aids protect wounds, cuts and scabs from microorganisms, dirt, contaminants, damage and friction. They are easy to apply and form an essential part of a first aid kit.

Types of Band Aids

Johnson & Johnson produce various types of band aids under the categories basic care, decorative, active lifestyle, advanced protection, and durable protection. Basic care band aids include large adhesive pads, sheer strips, plastic strips, comfort sheer and clear spots. Decorative band aids are manufactured especially for kids. They come in a variety of prints including those of cartoon characters. Active lifestyle band aids include flexible band aids and water-proof band aids with advanced features and include flexible fabric band aids, blister healing band aids, activ-flex band aids, water block plus band aids, and sports strips. Advanced protection band aids have advanced healing features, antiseptic properties and better healing time. These include skin flex band aids, plus antibiotic band aids and advanced healing blister band aids. Durable protection band aids are durable, heavy duty and waterproof band aids.

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