Baby Wrapper

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What is a Baby Wrapper?

Baby wrappers are used to wrap new born babies in hospitals and nursing homes. Wrapping babies, also known as swaddling, using blankets or cotton muslin wraps, is popular as a means of settling and soothing irritable infants and helping them sleep longer.

Uses of Baby Wrapper

Wrapping a baby helps it sleep better in a back sleeping position, avoiding the dangerous stomach sleeping position. It is important for caregivers to ensure a secure swaddle so that the baby wrapper does not become loose and the baby remains wrapped through the sleeping period. It is pertinent to ensure that the wrap is not too hot for the baby to be sleeping in for a prolonged period of time. Also, the wrap below the hip should not be too tight to prevent hip dysplasia. By the time the baby learns to roll over, around four to five months of age, parents should transition the baby from swaddling to a less restricting form of cover for sleep.

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