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Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) – Johnson & Johnson

Instruments and pieces of equipment can get contaminated in health care set ups and pose a serious hazard to the patients as well as to the healthcare staff. Contaminated equipment and instruments not only increase the risk of spreading of contagious diseases but also act as a breeding ground for a plethora of germs. Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) plays a major role in reducing the chances of infections in hospitals, specialty clinics, nursing homes, operating rooms and intensive care units. Johnson & Johnson is a leading manufacturer of medical supplies and equipment and has a range of products to maintain the sterility of various equipment and instruments used in a medical set up including Cidezyme Xtra Multi Enzymatic Instrument and Equipment Detergent, Cidex Dialdehyde Solution Instrument Disinfectant 2.4% w/v Glutaraldehyde, Cidex OPA Disinfection Solution Instrument Disinfectant and Cidezyme Enzymatic Instrument & Equipment Detergent.

Levels of Disinfection

1. Low-Level Disinfection – It is used to disinfect non-critical skin contact equipments like stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, tourniquet cuffs and ECG leads. The most common types are quaternary ammonium compounds

2. Intermediate Level Disinfection – It is used for the disinfection of semi critical instruments and equipment like bed side rails. These are usually water based phenolics, sodium hypochlorites and alcohol based quaternary ammonium compounds

3. High-Level Disinfection – These disinfectants are high level killing agents when used for appropriate contact time. These are usually glutaraldehydes, special hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid products

Key Points to be considered while deciding to purchase sterilization products, disinfectants and detergents for medical equipment and instruments

1. The level of disinfection needed - Different equipment and instruments require different product specifications

2. The volume of product – Various sized packs are available in the market and they should be bought as needed to avoid expiration

3. Material compatibility – Disinfectants are compatible with different materials and only the compatible disinfectant should be used to prevent damage to the equipment

4. The speed of disinfection – some disinfectants rapidly disinfect while some require more contact time. Some sterilization products may require the equipment to be immersed in them for several hours while another sterilization product may do the job more quickly and thoroughly

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