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3M Respirators

3M Respirators are designed to be comfortable, convenient and reliable and have superior quality. These respirators are used for protection from occupation related hazards, surgical use, and for protection from particulate matter in the air. They come under the following categories such as general purpose respirators, nuisance odor relief respirators, healthcare respirators, welding respirators and particulate respirators. These pollution free masks are equipped with filters to filter out the particulate matter.

They are of three types – N, P and R. 

  • N Series Filter –These filters are built in the masks whose use is limited to environments free of any oil aerosols. The N95 particulate filter is 95% efficient whereas the N100 particulate filter is known to be 99.97% efficient
  • R Series Filter –These filters are capable of removal of most particles including oil based liquid aerosols. The masks with this type of filter are ideally to be used for 8 hours. The R95 Particulate filter is known to be at least 95% efficient 
  • P series Filters –These filters are capable of removing oil based liquid aerosols, solid particles and liquid particulate matter. These filters shouldn’t be used for more than 40 hours. The P95 particulate filter is known to be 95% efficient while the P100 particulate filter is known to be 99.7% efficient 

Particulate matter can cause permanent damage to the respiratory tract. Hence it’s imperative to use a respirator mask when a person might be exposed to dangerous levels of particulate matter. 

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