World Population Day 2019: Everything You Need To Know

First observed in the year 1989, 11th July is celebrated as the World Population Day every year. Stressing upon the global population issues, this day is celebrated to raise awareness about the exploding human population and the issues that tag along. This internationally acclaimed day was an initiative of the Governing Council of the United Nations' Development Program.

The World Population Day aims at eradicating the causes which lead to overpopulation. They majorly include reproductive health problems. Being one of the top reasons leading to the death of women all across the globe, ill-health of pregnant women is of utter prominence here. To make people aware of how to maintain reproductive health and inculcate the requisite skills, numerous insightful campaigns are run by various health organizations on the occasion of World Population Day every year. Apart from this, issues like family planning, gender equality, poverty, human rights, right to health, sexuality education, birth control, etc. are also given due importance.

World Population Day 2019: Theme

The World Population Day 2019 summons for worldwide attention to the remarkable International Conference on Population and Development of 1994 and finish the incomplete business. In this conference, governments of around 179 countries recognized the importance of reproductive health and gender equality and how they can help achieve sustainable development. To make this successful in the current scenario, authorities must focus on making reproductive health care along with safe pregnancy, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, etc. accessible to the public.

Moreover, offering knowledge about sexuality, unwanted pregnancies, gender stereotypes, pregnancy-related illnesses, complications of early childbirth, STD (sexually transmitted diseases), basic primary health, etc., World Population Day aims at solving these germane matters at the global level.

World Population Day Celebrations

Various international organizations alongside national and local organizations take part in the celebrations. Through discussions, conferences, and campaigns, the public is made aware of the pertinent issue of over-population and how one can contribute their bit to solve it. At some places, birth control measures like contraceptives and condoms along with the correct usage of pregnancy test kits are also discussed. The public is also given information on where to procure high-quality entities. For instance, they are given knowledge on how to conduct thorough online research in order to check pregnancy test kit prices, specifications of the products like contraceptives and condoms, etc.  Other than this, activities like educational sessions, contests, workshops, lectures, debates, etc. also take place.

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