World Health Day 2021

Significance of World Health Day

Every year the 7th day of April is celebrated as the World Health Day. The inception of the day began in 1948 at the first health assembly. Since then, each year a theme is chosen which highlights a specific area of concern that needs to be tended to on priority basis with respect to the health and well-being of people globally, by the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Day 2021 theme is "Building a fairer, healthier world".


World Health Day has been celebrated for over 50 years drawing attention to crucial global health issues such as climate change, child care, maternal care and mental health. World Health Organization ensures that this awareness doesn’t limit itself to a one-day celebration but becomes an opportunity to draw worldwide attention and kick-start necessary steps to tackle these global health concerns.


Reasons for choosing this year’s theme

CoVid-19 has brought to light many issues at hand – the first one being that each human being has had to deal with CoVid-19 differently. This difference has not been one of choice but that of circumstance. Due to easier access to basic healthcare services and infrastructure, certain people were better equipped to handle the pandemic in a healthier & safer manner. This reflects the growing inequality at hand.

This type of inequality is due to the poor living conditions in places where people are born, where they grow, where they work and eventually die. Globally, there are groups of people that struggle to get the basic necessities of life such as clean air, clean water, health services, employment opportunities and food security. Their lives are spent dealing with a polluted environment, poor living conditions, gender inequality and other such conditions leading to chronic illnesses and high mortality rates.

The reason the WHO chose this as the theme for 2021 World Health Day is because they believe that such conditions can be prevented if leaders across the globe ensure working and living conditions keeping good health in mind. Along with that accessibility to quality health services as and when required.  

Even though COVID-19 has not spared any country with its impact, the level of the impact has been significantly adverse on susceptible communities with limited access to quality health care services.


What leaders can do

- Unite to tackle the root causes of inequality. By working with affected communities in a systematic manner they are more likely to find a solution to the cause and work towards eliminating it.

- Utilize reliable data to tackle the root cause inequities in order to make a real impact.

- Treat the entire world as one entity dealing with the pandemic. By ensuring access to vaccines, medication, treatment and tests to people beyond borders we can treat and put an end to CoVid-19


You can also become a part of this international event and show your support by checking the local events in your area and raising awareness about them. It is an important date that should be marked on everyone’s calendar. Now more than ever, it is time to take the lead and be proactive about health related issues!

With the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness has become a priority for people from all aspects of life. One year of battling the virus, we are in no position to become complacent in terms of our safety and precautions against it. It is essential to continue with sterilization practices, proactively using sanitizers, face masks and maintaining adequate social distance. Smart Medical Buyer ensures that you always can be geared up to battle this global pandemic with the required supplies. You can check out our COVID-19 collection for all the covid essential supplies that you need to fight the pandemic and prevent you and your loved ones from the virus.