World Cancer Day 2020: A Step Away From Cancer

Cancer is amongst the most deadly diseases and claims millions of lives every year. In 2018 an estimated 9.6 million people died from the disease. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of people dying from cancer around the world will rise to a staggering 13 million by 2030. Though governments and NGOs are making concerted efforts to combat cancer, there is a need to create awareness among the people about the necessity of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to lessen the risks of the disease. Here, the role of the Union for International Cancer Control is commendable. The organization is playing a major role in creating awareness about cancer through World Cancer Day. The international day is celebrated annually and this year the theme is ‘I am and I will’. World Cancer Day originated in 2000 and since then has been observed across the globe on February 4 every year.

Causes of cancer

Cancer is deadly and amongst the leading cause of death around the world. There are many reasons that lead to cancer. Some of these can be prevented, while others cannot. The use of tobacco is amongst the biggest factor that leads to cancer. Other factors include an unhealthy diet, being physically inactive, and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Certain environmental conditions that cause cancer include excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal drugs, radioactive materials, certain medical procedures like chemotherapy and radiation, among others. Carcinogenic infections such as Hepatitis C Virus, Hepatitis B Virus, etc can also lead to cancer.

Steps needed to combat cancer

To prevent cancer from taking root, it is important that one should maintain a healthy lifestyle. People should refrain from taking harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol, which are the main causes of cancer. One should also adopt healthy eating habits, engage in exercises and physical activity, and ensure to take precautions when they are under the blazing sun.

If cancer is detected at an early stage, its spread can be prevented. Therefore it is important to have awareness about the symptoms of the disease. In case one comes across any symptom, it is imperative to fix an appointment with the doctor. Some of the symptoms that one should keep an eye out for include difficulty in swallowing, the flow of blood from any body part, loss of appetite, wounds take longer to heal, fatigue, excessive loss or gain of weight among others. International Cancer Day has played a significant role in creating awareness about these symptoms and the disease in general.

When one is undergoing treatment and even after its completion, it is important to stay positive and continue with normal routines. You also need to widen your social contact as much as possible. This will help keep away mental stress and depression.

Though there have been several advancements in the treatment of cancer, we need to make further progress in terms of awareness and the right steps to deal with cancer to reduce its impact on our lives. So on the occasion of World Cancer Awareness Day, we need to take a pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take the proper measures that will help rid the world of this deadly disease.