World Blood Donor Day: Let’s Make a Difference

Every year on the 14th of June, the World Health Organization hands over the opportunity of making a difference to millions of people. Donating blood for a better cause allows people to develop a sense of incrementality rather than excitement. Efforts like these accelerate the process of building a better and healthier tomorrow.

Blood is one of the most significant elements of the life source. The event creates awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products. During the time of emergencies or planned surgeries, when an individual faces a life-threatening situation due to the loss of blood, the blood donated by various donors is used to save his or her life.

The blood donation centers always use medical equipment like arterial cannula, central venous catheter, IV dressing, pressure monitoring (PM), and extension lines bought from authorized sellers to ensure a safe donation process. The donors are appreciated for their participation with gifts and meals. These blood donations allow organizing blood services that give patients access to safe blood. Often, the availability of sufficient blood determines the success rate of surgery. Adequate blood supply is required for establishing a nationally coordinated blood transfusion service that can meet all the needs. Unfortunately, many countries struggle in organizing a blood service as sufficient blood is not available at all times.

Every year, the event follows a different theme. 2019 is focused on blood donation and ensuring access to safe blood transfusion by all in order to ensure universal health coverage. The slogan prepared is “Safe blood for all” to raise awareness in regard to the universal need for safe blood. With the aim to encourage people across the world to donate blood regularly, the event is the key to establishing a strong foundation of sustainable national blood supplies with adequate blood supply to meet the needs of patients who require transfusion. Smart Medical Buyer, one of the most prominent online retailers of medical devices and equipment, makes it easy for you to access quality blood transfusion products including blood administration set, Burette Chamber, IV cannula, scalp vein set, etc. from world-renowned manufacturers. With quality products as offered by Smart Medical Buyer, people who are willing to donate their blood, as well as the patients who require blood, can rest assured.

In the past years, the World Blood Donor Day has successfully raised awareness and saved millions of lives. Patients who have suffered from complex surgical procedures are now living a longer, healthier, and fit life. Uniting unpaid donors from across the world, this day is curating an effective health system for many countries.

The World Blood Donor Day promotes a world that shares the view of a healthier and safer tomorrow. It asks each individual to take part in this event and voluntarily donate blood for contributing to a greater good. A little effort on your part can make significant changes in the lives of many.