Why Do We Think Online Consultation Might Be The Future Of Medicine?

COVID 19 Pandemic lockdown has taught us one thing that physicians do not really need to go to hospitals or clinics to attend the OPD sessions. Patients can also get help they need via video calls with their doctors.

In recent times, people have reduced going to OPD for minor ailments and most of us call up our family doctor and take a consultation. This small habit could be the next big thing in the future of medicine.


The 4 major reasons why online consultations will be a better option over physical sessions  more than before are mentioned below:


1. Reduces Risk of Infection Spread:

It skips the part where you sit in the waiting room with a crowd full of people for an hour and avoids spreading infections. 

2. Cost-Friendly & Time-Saving:

Saves travel money and increase convenience. It also saves all the time spent in waiting in queues and waiting rooms. It easily fits into your busy schedule.

3. No Hesitation:

Being in the comfort of your own home reduces all sorts of hesitation and feeling of embarrassment in expressing your problems.

4. Better Healthcare for Everyone:

Due to the high availability of smartphones, everyone gets to avail of this facility and no minor issues go unaddressed.


Before going for an online consultation make sure that the platform you use is certified and the doctor is licensed. Also, having an excellent network is always beneficial. Jot down what the doctor advises to make the best of your consultation. The rise of online consultation can really change the face of medicine.

There are multiple apps in India that have made the online consultations very easy, handy and user friendly for both doctors and patients. Honestly, these apps are boon to both the parties. We cannot ignore the contribution of the therapy applications that featured counselling during the demanding COVID times.


Given below are the list of apps that have helped large number of users to get the help they needed at the comfort of their homes for both the parties:


1. Practo:

Practo aims to provide an holistic care for the patients from finding the right doctor to start the treatment, practo overed it all. Users can then have a one-on-one call with the doctor.

2. Doctor 24x7:

As the name suggests, It offers 24x7 online consultation in over 25 specializations. You can make video or audio calls to the doctor you need at that moment.

3. Mfine:

An holistic approach to treatment at home, the app also includes self evaluating features to keep PCOS, diabetes and other co morbidities in check

4. Betterlyf:

This app specializes in mental health. Quiet frankly, mental health is s important as physical health. This app offers multiple plans based on the therapy sessions you need.

It should be noted , certain will and always require physical attention of doctors. Well, surgeries cannot be performed online but diagnosis of flu can be handled from the comfort of our homes.


It is about time we realize that pandemic has changed our lives and our lifestyles in every possible way we can imagine. The changes don’t stop at doctor visits and appointments, but at every task we do on our daily basis.

In order to understand, how the pandemic and lockdown has changed numerous things and how some things will be still unaffected by the lockdown , you can check out this YouTube Video by SmartMedicalBuyer.com