Time Management for Doctors

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by storm, the last thing you'd want to do as a doctor is run around trying to keep up with all the patients that come swarming in. Maintaining work-life balance as a physician necessitates the learning of how to improve efficiency and effectively manage limited resources within the available timespan. Physicians are currently managing an ever-growing number of increasingly complex patients in less time and hence, time management for doctors is not only necessary for maintaining a work-life balance but is also essential in order to deal with a larger volume of administrative paperwork.



Work day must be prioritised.

Every time you arrive for work, it can be quite difficult to get everything running. However, while refreshments are absolutely necessary, it is important to understand that all the additional amount of time spent drinking coffee, wandering halls or even checking your social media feed is time wasted. In order to manage your time, you can simply begin by writing out the specific tasks that you have to complete each day and the time you need to finish them by. As soon as you get to work, simply check your list and try to stay on track by checking it as often as you can and adjusting it as and when needed.


You'd be surprised by how much you can really complete if you keep yourself accountable to a to-do list for each day.


Technology comes with its set of benefits

With COVID-19 hitting hard, it is essential to understand that when your practice is online and organized, you as well as your patients save a lot of time. In fact, you should also source the best digital thermometers  from trusted online medical stores such as Smart Medical Buyer.


There are also several technology systems that streamline healthcare practices by simply optimizing practice management and organizing health records. So, the less time you spend juggling administrative paperwork and phone calls, the more time you are going to have for patient care.



Electronic health records can be easily accessed

In case you haven't already done so, at a time when the pandemic is spreading rampantly, it could be more than convenient for the organization to switch to electronic health records. These not only cut down on paperwork, but also make it ten-folds easier to find pertinent patient information. The faster you can access and update patient records, the more your patients as well as you benefit.


Delegate whenever possible & source necessary equipment

Being a responsible doctor or physician, it is important to realise that you cannot do it all by yourself. If you have extra help available, you might as well use it. From medical assistants, administrative staff, and interns to volunteers – every one of them is there for a reason, so seek help whenever necessary.


Purchasing medical equipment, such as pulse oximeters and PPE kits from the online distributor Smart Medical Buyer, also helps doctors save up on a lot of time given their efficient and user-friendly interface. They have one of the fastest checkouts and easy to navigate pages that help you look for the medical equipment instantly.


Know when to draw a line

Even though you'll spend most of your day busy dealing with your patients and tracking records, your co-workers would definitely come and ask for your help. While it could be gratifying to take on every project that comes your way, it is extremely essential for you to only take on projects or patients only if you have the time.


In case you didn't know already, one hour of wasted time each day could eventually result in 153 days lost during your career! However, with the above-mentioned time-saving tips, you can simply implement the ones you actually find promising. As your career progresses, especially at a time of the raging pandemic, you will be glad you did.