The Role of Oxygen Concentrators in Combating Covid-19

With the rapid rise in the number of covid-19 cases during the second wave in India, we saw that the demand for essential medical devices also increased considerably. We all know that the covid-19 infection is characterized by respiratory symptoms due to low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. The need for oxygen support devices like ventilators and oxygen concentrators therefore increased significantly to treat patients effectively. While most of us are aware of ventilators, not many know about oxygen concentrators and their role in combating Covid-19. Let us understand about this device and its importance during the current pandemic.

Oxygen concentrators are basically devices that concentrate oxygen from a gas supply by carefully removing nitrogen and supplying oxygen-enriched gas stream. In simple words, it provides almost pure oxygen through nose via tubes. Portable and cost-effective, oxygen concentrators’ work as a blessing for critically ill Covid patients with increased lung infection.


How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, oxygen concentrators filter the surrounding air, which contains roughly 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, compress it to the required density and provide a continuous stream of purified medical-grade oxygen. They are equipped with sieve beds and special filters that help in removing nitrogen from the air, delivering purified oxygen to the patient.

Role in Combating Covid-19

We have seen that the major issue with patients infected with COVID-19 virus is breathlessness. The symptoms vary from mild to severe and usually start rising between 7-10 days of the infection. The treatment of those affected severely depends on providing the correct oxygen supportive care on time. As the hospitals were overwhelmed with the rising number of patients during the second wave of Covid-19 in India, oxygen concentrators proved to be very helpful. For patients with mild symptoms, who did not require ventilator support, breathing therapy using oxygen concentrators significantly helped in stabilizing their health without being hospitalized. However, it is important to note that oxygen concentrators must only be used in moderate cases, when the patient experiences a drop in oxygen levels and the requirement of oxygen is between 5 -10 liters per minute maximum.


Advantages of Using Oxygen Concentrators

Listed below are the top advantages of oxygen concentrators that help in fighting against coronavirus:

- Portable
- Easy to operate
- Cost-effective
- Can be used at homes as well as hospitals


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