Are You Using The Right Adult Diaper?

Incontinence is a problematic condition that can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Many studies around the world are linking this ailment to common lifestyle diseases as well. The first response to being diagnosed with urinary incontinence is stocking up diapers for adults at wholesale rates and dreading the inconvenience you may face with the same. But it’s just as important to consider whether you are choosing the right kind of Adult diaper for a particular occasion, for certain diapers may be feasible if you are bed-ridden, and some may make more sense if you’re constantly on the move. Let’s understand this by addressing common grievances related to adult diapers: 

I am getting rashes on wearing diapers Cloth diapers and disposable diapers are two popular types of diaper solutions for incontinence. Before buying a diaper, the first thing you need to dwell on is whether you need cloth diapers or disposable ones? While a cloth diaper is more environment-friendly, it may also not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. A disposable one is a more convenient choice for people with sensitive skin since the components of a disposable diaper are designed to minimize the chances of a skin allergy. Bed-ridden patients are recommended disposable diapers for easier maintenance and reduced chances of infection. 

It’s uncomfortable to walk around while wearing diapers. Pull-up adult diapers are ideal for active adults because they have a snug fit, they are easy to carry and easy to change into, even in public bathrooms. Regular adult diapers are ideal for bed-ridden patients and adults who have ample access to a bed or a flat surface they can change the diaper on. Lying down and changing the regular diaper is the only effective way to ensure a comfortable fit around the waist. 

My diaper gets too wet Just like there are different types of incontinence, diapers too have different absorption rates. Depending on the intensity of your condition, you should consider the type of diaper you really need.  With elements like poly beads and gel core forming the base for absorption in the diapers, it is imperative that you pick the right match according to your urination frequency. Factors like fluid intake, ailments, body shape are also to be considered while shortlisting the diaper. If you are still not sure, you may always check the range of products we have online on the website and test drive a couple of brands. Because of the range in diapers as well as the rest of the products, you can be assured of finding the perfect solution to your incontinence problem. With exciting discounts on our website, price of otoscope, stethoscope, catheters, and of course diapers are extremely attractive. Get them today!