Outsource your hospital purchase department

Healthcare delivery is an exciting business. The outlook for the next couple of decades is very robust with high rates of growth projected across the board. With an ever-growing number of people in India being afflicted with a multitude of lifestyle diseases and other chronic ailments, there is a consistent flow of patients to most healthcare facilities and practices. On the flip side, a fair degree of competition in terms of “service pricing” does exist which has to be balanced with the need to make adequate profits to ensure economic viability and maintain the standard of care.

Given the above context, it is imperative for healthcare providers to optimize the cost of delivery. Medical supplies and consumables are significant contributors to healthcare delivery cost structures and this necessitates the use of scientific decision making in the procurement process. In a typical institution, the purchasing department is responsible for this function. However, with there being no central repository to provide all the relevant information, the acquisition of knowledge (prices, variants, certifications, approved uses, technical specifications, etc.) about a large number of products and brands being used is inconsistent and ad hoc process. A lot depends on the motivation levels, availability of time, and competency levels of the resource deployed for procurement.

Large hospitals and chains can afford to have a well resourced and qualified procurement team as the scale of operations ensure an economic benefit through reduced sourcing costs and therefore they can continue with current processes. But the smaller centers and doctor-owned healthcare facilities may not have this luxury. A substantial percentage of the OPD flow takes place at smaller private institutes and the challenge of not having an organized procurement team puts the doctor owner under a lot of duress both financially and time-wise. Doctor owners are faced with the dilemma of choosing to give more time to patients or managing efficient processes. The healthcare delivery function would be much better served if doctors could just outsource the purchase to a specialist and focus on doing what they do best – caring for their patients.

We, at Smart Medical Buyer, have set up a portal with the aforementioned needs of our customers in mind. Smart Medical Buyer offers a solution that allows you to access the widest range of medical supplies at a fair price with a few clicks. Moreover, all related information about products is readily available. The science in procurement makes a comeback. With Smart Medical Buyer, the order quantities can be small enough to suit an individual medical practice, at prices comparable to that of a purchase manager negotiated prices. We are trying to build a solution where technology is an enabler and a means to the end – which is to let you have the best options when you treat your patients.
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