Nebulizer Machine: Usage And Maintenance Tips To Follow

Nebulizer machine is a device that changes liquid medication into vapours so that it is easy to inhale. It is very effective in inhaled treatments of lung diseases, like delivering asthma medication to infants, small children or anyone who has difficulty in using asthma inhalers. The machine works by pumping compressed air through the liquid to form a light mist, which can be breathed in through a mouthpiece or a mask. When inhaled properly, the medication given through the nebulizer has better chances to reach the small airways.

Usage: Using a nebulizer is quite simple. You first need to have all the necessary medical supplies which include- an air compressor, a nebulizer cup, a mask or mouthpiece, medication and compressor tubing. You can do online shopping of medical products from reputed medical stores like Smart Medical Buyer. Once you have all the supplies, follow the below steps:  

1- Put the medication carefully into the nebulizer cup. The medication these days is usually pre-mixed. If it is not, then simply measure the correct amount and add saline water to make it around 3 cc in the cup.

2- Once this is done, assemble the nebulizer cup and the mouthpiece and connect the tubing to the aerosol compressor as well as the nebulizer cup.

3- Switch on the compressor to check if it is working properly. You must see a fine mist coming out from the tube.

4- Position the mask securely to the person's face. The person should take slow, deep breaths, holding for 1-2 seconds before breathing out.  This will allow the medicine to settle into the lungs.

5- Continue the procedure until the medicine in the cup is over. This takes approximately 10 minutes.

Tips for Maintenance: one of the most important maintenance tips is to keep the nebulizer machine clean at all times. The cup of the nebulizer must be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to air dry after every use. After every 3-4 applications, the entire device must be cleaned with a disinfectant product or water and vinegar solution. When storing the nebulizer, make sure the compressor is covered with a clean cloth. Also, keep the medication in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Always follow the guidelines while using and make sure that the nebulizer is purchased from a reputed manufacturer only. You can buy nebulizer online from Smart Medical Buyer, the best choice for medical professionals and patients for quality equipment.