National Nutrition Week 2019: All You Need To Know

Celebrated every year from 1st September to 7th September, National Nutrition Week is an initiative to spread awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and tips for health and wealth-being. It is a campaign to promote nourishment and its results in terms of a better living. There is no doubt that what you eat has an immense effect on your physical health as much as your mental wellbeing. The right intake keeps you happy and feels good about yourself.

Even though people might be aware of what constitutes a wholesome balanced diet, the objective of the week is to enhance this knowledge with training, education, and seminars. This will bring people from all age groups and strata of society to work for a healthier nation.


Initiated in 1982, the Central Government saw it as an opportunity to deal with the hurdles towards national development. A lot of our bodies such as the Child and Women Development, Health Ministry, and NGOs take part in this initiative and help in encouraging healthy living. A number of private platforms such as Smart Medical Buyer, a leading distributor of medical equipment and products, also contribute in whichever manner possible.


The National Nutrition Week has a definitive theme every year and focuses on activities in that particular aspect, along with the basic events in the campaign. Some of the major objectives include:

  • Research on techniques to promote and control the issues faced in terms of nutrition and salubrious diet.
  • Analysis of the country’s performance in diet and nutrition.
  • Research and planning to increase national nutrition programs and their impact.
  • Study the frequency and gravity of the issues in society related to diet and nutrition.
  • Orientation programs and training for health and nutrition.

Activities Conducted

  • Numerous health and nutrition awareness campaigns by the government and non-government medical organizations.
  • Training sessions on how to increase and preserve nutritional value in household items such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Educational seminars on food quality, analysis, and standardization.
  • Implementation and education of various nutrition-related policies of the government to become a healthy nation.
  • The motivation provided through hand-outs and materials pertaining to nutrition.

A week’s celebration for a hale and hearty life can make a lot of difference in terms of creating awareness and imparting knowledge about a healthy diet. The government’s initiative has led the youngsters to pay attention to their way of life and becoming self-conscious about their health. A number of programs like these have immensely helped the masses in gaining knowledge and being well informed. Another example of such great programs is the World Breast Feeding Week from 1st to 7th August and has assisted a number of mothers in taking proper care of their newborn and ensuring wholesome nutrition.