Medical Equipment That Cannot Be Missed In Primary Healthcare

Healthcare providers face a number of challenges in today’s time, including the procurement of good quality medical supplies and understanding what all is required for a well-established primary healthcare system. Setting up a clinic or a medical establishment, no matter on what scale, demands rigorous planning in terms of finances and logistics.

Healthcare services need to ensure that they make informed choices in terms of what to buy to meet the health needs efficiently without wasting resources. In order to be prepared for anything that comes through, hospitals and healthcare centers need to maintain the key pieces of medical equipment.

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Some of the core instruments every primary healthcare should have are:

  1. Gloves: They are an indispensable part of any medical examination or procedure. It is used to prevent cross-contamination between patients and caregivers. They should be worn when exposed to hazardous drugs or when handling contaminated items. They are one of the most essential tools at a hospital or healthcare center.
  2. Wound Care Products: Wound care products such as Silicon skin tapes, bordered dressings, and absorbent foam dressings make for the basic care kit. They are suitable for treating burns, ulcers, and chronic wounds. Some variants also do not stick to the wet wound base which allows easy application and removal.
  3. Diagnostic Equipment: Some of the essential diagnostic tools include:
  4. Temporal forehead thermometer: They are the most accurate and non-invasive method of measuring body temperature. It is easy to use and keeps the patients comfortable in using it.
  5. Ophthalmoscope: It is used for a routine physical or complete eye examination. Experts use Heine ophthalmoscopes to detect symptoms of eye diseases and analyze the condition for proper treatment. 
  6. ECG Machine: ECG machine and accessories provide a painless test to detect heart attacks or unusual heart activity in terms of rhythms and beats.
  7. Blood Pressure Monitors: One of the first tests of a patient includes checking the blood pressure and heart rate. These machines are made to fit most of the patients and can store up to 60 entries that can be easily retrieved from the memory bank.

Keep these instruments handy and in large numbers to attend to incoming patients without much delay. They are some of the basic equipment for any healthcare center to function without any glitches.