Importance of counsellors at hospitals for healthcare workers

With the pandemic at its very peak, our healthcare workers have consistently been living in the dilemma between saving lives and saving one’s own self from getting infected by the deadly virus. At this time of working long hours and more stressful shifts that are physically demanding, it is our healthcare workers that are affected the most. This makes having counsellors at hospitals absolutely indispensable.

Counselling: An employee support intervention
Counselling at hospitals for healthcare workers must be introduced as an employee support intervention that is usually short-term in nature, providing an absolutely independent, specialist resource for healthcare professionals, including both doctors and staff, working across all areas. In fact, now is the time to acknowledge granting access to all employees to a free of charge, confidential and effective counselling service as a potential part of an employer’s duty of care.

Grief support
Too many healthcare professionals suffer from stress, insomnia and even depression. It is important to have counsellors in hospitals to ensure that every healthcare staff or physician that is apprehensive about leaving their loved ones behind, and even expose themselves to the risk of being infected by the coronavirus, are provided with enough mental support clubbed with safety measures. Employees must understand the importance of using hand sanitisers and personal protective equipment to ensure their own safety. Grief counselling must be provided to every healthcare staff or professional having to witness deaths on a regular basis.

Lesser stress, better productivity
Healthcare workers and physicians require support just as much as any other regular person. It is important and absolutely necessary, especially during this pandemic, to make sure their employee’s mental health is at bay with their physical well-being. Something as simple as checking-in with colleagues may also help reduce stress and anxiety, reminding them that they are not going through this alone. Stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise right now and resources must be developed by experts dedicated to supporting the mental health of all healthcare workers. A healthy healthcare workforce is extremely important because it not only ensures mental health and comfort, but also makes workers more equipped in taking care of patients and communities.

It is important for hospital authorities to make their staff feel safe and secure as the biggest worry for healthcare workers is exposing themselves and their families to the coronavirus, which creates an environment of looming threat and fear. Counsellors are required in hospitals to understand this fear by assisting one to address their problems in a positive way and helping them to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness. It is the hospital’s responsibility to procure essential medical equipment from online and medical equipment suppliers like the Smart Medical Buyer. They must be assured of the availability of protective gear, such as PPE kits (Personal protective equipment) and also be assured that they will be treated in the facility in case they are tested positive.