How to choose the best Stethoscope

Whether you are a medical student, a nurse, or a medical practitioner- a stethoscope is a necessity since it helps you check your patients and diagnose them. Your stethoscope needs to be efficient, high performing, and completely dependable as an error in performance can lead to dire consequences in the patient’s life. That is why choosing the right stethoscope is indeed a big deal. To help the potential doctors of tomorrow, nursing staff, and the serving medical practitioners, Smart Medical Buyer brings you some useful advice on how you should choose your Stethoscope. 

Why is it important? Choosing the right or the best stethoscope is crucial because this can help you optimize care for the patient by assisting inaccurate diagnosis with the help of a precise tool. However, if you were to choose a poorly constructed stethoscope, it would lead to a wastage of money as well as your knowledge because you won’t be able to make the right diagnosis and make the right call on treatment. More than that, you would have to go for innumerable replacements along with suffering from the guilt of inaccurate diagnosis given to the patients. Smart Medical Buyer, the best one-stop platform to get all medical instruments and equipment, believes that choosing the ‘right’ stethoscope does not remain limited to brand, price, or word of mouth. To truly get your perfect stethoscope, it is necessary for the individual to make the buying decision to consider all components. The components

  1. Chest piece- For the chest piece, go for the complete construction of the piece in high-density elements such as steel or titanium. As compared to porous elements like Aluminium, these hard and heavy elements conduct sound in a much better manner. The chest piece should be finished from both the outside and inside to avoid sound absorption.
  1. Headset- In an ideal stethoscope, the headset should be made of the same element or meal that has been used to make the chest piece. The headset should be angled at around 15 degrees. Amplifying acoustics is important for the chest piece and so is the transmission of the sound to the headpiece.
  1. Diaphragm- The diaphragm should be of high quality and should be very durable.
  1. Tubing- The tubing of the best stethoscope should be done from thick, lasting material so as to isolate other sounds and amplify the required sounds. Try and avoid getting stethoscopes that have long wires as this destroys the transmission of the sound beats. Even if you need to go for long tubing, make sure that the wires are thick enough to compensate for the loss due to length.
  1. Ear tips- They should have fit perfectly in your ear to help isolate unwanted sounds.
  1. Stem- And lastly, the stem of the stethoscope should be made from the same material as that of the chest piece and the headset.
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