Health Tips A New Mother Should Live By !

With the arrival of your bundle of joy, you have entered the new phase of motherhood. Like pregnancy, which can be intimidating at first, motherhood too can be an overwhelming chapter when you’re a new mom. Your baby becomes the centre of your attention, but don’t forget that you too deserve and need much care. You too need your moments of rest and leisure that could help you regain the rigour needed to move ahead with day to day activities. With irregular timings, breastfeeding, and caring for the new-born taking most of your time, there are certain rules every mother need to consider not just for herself but the baby as well. Read on to know the 5 health tips for new moms:
  1. Rest: Sheer exhaustion after childbirth is expected. To add to the fatigue, your body clock will hardly match the baby's. On most days, it will be challenging for you to get eight straight hours of sleep as the baby will wake up every three to four hours. The best way to go about this would be to match your sleep cycle to that of the baby and delegate other household work and responsibilities to other members in the house.
  1. Medical Check-Ups: A mother’s body is weak for the first few weeks after childbirth. It’s important in such a condition, the mother does not miss the doctor’s appointment to check on stitches and cuts. Furthermore, it’s important to keep a digital thermometer and basic first aid kit handy as at this time women do report fever, shivering, dizziness, and discomfort during nursing. Mothers need to be more careful in case of a C-section.
  1. Diet And Nutrition: Exercise is not going to be the topmost priority at least immediately; therefore it’s essential you try to stay in shape by watching what you eat. Excessively high caloric foods should be avoided as much as possible. Stick to natural, homemade food.
  1. Light Exercise: Apart from helping you shed kilos, exercising will also help you keep stress at bay. Even if it is just a short walk, make it a point to incorporate very light exercise movements into your daily routine. Start with breathing exercises, pelvic floor muscle exercises or low-intensity exercises especially targeted for the post-pregnancy period. You can always reach out to your consultant gynaecologist who would be able to guide you better on the basic exercise as per your need.
  1. Set up a smooth transition to work: After being with the baby 24/7, returning to work can be a shock to the system. To make the transition easier rehearse your strategy for getting the whole family dressed, fed and out the door on time before you actually start going to work. You may also consider using a breast pump to help store milk for your baby.
Don’t hesitate in reaching out to your family for help in recovering after pregnancy.