A Guide to Using Adult Diapers

The introduction of adult diapers has been beneficial for a lot of people with chronic diseases or age-related ailments. The diapers are a bigger version of what most toddlers or infants are made to wear. Since it is for adults, the diaper lining is stronger with extra padding. Adult diapers can be used by people who suffer from diseases like severe diarrhea and dementia. It is also used by people suffering from mobility impairment or any kind of paralysis. There are many types of adult diapers online and in physical stores. Some designs come in the shape of normal underwear. Some manufacturers even shape them like sanitary napkins for better use and more discretion during use. A lot of people wish to choose the right diaper for their use. However, a lot of people using them for the first time do not know which is the best-suited style for them or how to use it properly. Here a few tips to get started on choosing and using adult diapers correctly: 

Choosing the Style Choose a style that’s perfectly suited to the patient’s condition. With the huge variety of design and capability, you can start with briefs and regular diaper designs since they are the most functionally efficient adult diapers. Briefs can be opened from either side to provide you with the best custom fitting while you can just pull on the second style to wear it properly. However, the regular diaper design comes with a more secure fitting as well as padding. 

Check Fit & Retention Strength It might take a few trials before you figure out the best adult diaper size for yourself. But ensure that you get it right at the first go; know your waist size well to get started on the right foot. Since adults have increased mobility, it is essential for the diaper to have a durable retention strength as well as padding. Such features help secure the diaper in its place when one is doing vigorous exercises or performing simple movements such as sitting up or lying down. 

Lying Down & Changing One of the quickest ways of changing the diaper is by sitting or lying down on a flat surface. The same principle is followed for bedridden patients who are asked to turn to their sides so that it is easy to detach & remove the diapers. It is also advised to set up a mode to privacy with the diapers so that the patient feels comfortable and confident. Be sure to wear gloves while wearing and changing diapers to avoid any physical contact with waste or bodily fluids. 

Effective Disposal While removing the diaper, be sure of cleaning the surface of the skin with a soft wipe. To dispose of the diapers, you can get yourself a diaper pail that focuses on eliminating odor as well. If not in a diaper pail, be sure to dispose of the diapers in a sealed trash bin only. If you’re traveling, you can carry zip-lock plastic bags and sticky tapes to completely seal a soiled adult diaper.