Examination Gloves or Surgical Gloves?

Gloves are a vital component of protection in hospital wear. Different gloves are used for different purposes. Gloves used by the healthcare giver for the purpose of examination of the patient are called examination gloves. Their prime role is to protect the caregiver from any contamination or transmissible diseases through the patient. Examination gloves are non sterile and usually powdered.


They can be made of nitrile or latex. Nitrile gloves are strong, durable and have textured fingertips for better grip. Latex gloves, though proving better chemical resistance, good fit and higher comfort, can cause allergies on prolonged use. Hence, latex free gloves should be used. They are packed together in a multiple pack ranging from sizes Small to Large.

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The second kind of gloves used in the hospital which are of utmost importance are surgical gloves. They are used by all healthcare providers involved in a surgical procedure. Most surgical gloves are made of latex but latex free variants are also available in the market for the allergic consumers. They are longer than examination gloves and meet a higher standard of quality. Surgical gloves are packed individually with a high grade of sterility. They range from sizes 6.5 to 8. The gloves could be powdered or powder free.

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