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It has been over a year,  however we somehow cannot seem to win the battle over the deadly corona virus. As we are guarding ourselves from the virus, the virus is getting stronger or evolving to survive.

The Covid 19 virus needs to multiply or reproduce in order to survive. However, the process of multiplication cannot happen without a host. We humans are the host for the virus.

Once the virus enters host’s body, it reproduces during this process. There are mistakes made in copying the RNA or DNA code. These deviant results in mutation are what is ultimately known as a variant.

Sometimes these mutations are not dangerous, where some of them can be very dangerous. Dangerous mutations are more transmissible, more infectious and significantly deadlier. Given the characteristic of high transmissibility, the mutation becomes a new strain. New strains give rise to new waves of infection and hence the new waves are deadlier than the previous ones.

In a way, the vaccinations and the viral mutations are in a race for survival. This also explains why we are not being able to win the battle over the deadly corona virus. The Delta Plus variant has been declared as a variant of concern. This variant has evidently shown deviance in the spike protein. Unfortunately, this deviance makes it even more receptor binding. Literally like, perfect piece to complete the puzzle.


The Delta Plus variant enters the host body through respiration and cause the following symptoms:

1. Dry cough
2. Abdominal ache
3. Diarrhoea
4. Loss of appetite

There is a very high possibility, that the Delta Plus variant could give rise to the global COVID 3rd wave.


Now, we have recently began unlocking but we as a human race, supposedly the most intelligent species must act like one and take basic precautions like:

1. Double Masks or N95 Masks
2. Step out only if necessary
3. Get Vaccinated

Although, vaccinations do not guarantee complete blockage of the virus but can prevent severe illness and hospitalization, it is a necessity. Hence, vaccinations would not prevent the virus but will surely significantly reduce the potential damage caused by the virus.


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