• Kunal sood

When it comes to buying baby’s medical equipment, you need to be supremely considerate. Of course, you don’t want to compromise on your baby’s health in any way possible. One important medical equipment for babies includes digital thermometer. Commonly known as baby thermometers, they are extensively used by paediatricians and parents alike.

If you are a parent and looking forward to buying the best thermometer for your baby, you must take several alternatives under consideration. This way, you will be able to take multiple temperature readings from varied devices and ensure your baby’s body temperature. You can very well find high-quality baby thermometers online by looking for ‘medical equipment shop near me.

Below-mentioned are some of the common types of baby thermometers and their functioning. Have a look:

·         Ear Thermometers

If your child’s age is six months or more, ear thermometers function the best. Most of the paediatricians also use ear thermometers to take the body temperature of a baby. Ear thermometers come with a plastic sleeve that can be discarded before you start using it.  Once you remove the sleeve, put it inside your baby’s ear slowly. To avoid any unnecessary discomfort, it’s best to insert an ear thermometer in your baby’s ear when he or she is sleeping. In approx. three to four seconds, you will get a digital reading of your baby’s body temperature.

·         Oral Thermometers

Oral baby thermometers are put into the baby’s mouth for the purpose of taking his or her body temperature correctly. Since these thermometers come in the shape of a pacifier, your baby can easily handle them. Using oral thermometers, you can measure the internal body temperature of your baby pretty easily. All you have to do is hold the oral thermometer under the tongue of your baby for around 2 minutes and take the reading.

Oral thermometers have been widely used for the purpose of measuring the temperature of kids who can effortlessly hold it under their tongue. It is not recommended for younger babies.

·         Underarm Thermometers

One of the most common types of baby thermometers includes underarm thermometers. They come in both digital and analogue variants. While the analogue variant of underarm thermometers for babies is able to detect the correct temperature in around 5 minutes, digital variants can provide you with accurate readings within a few seconds.

Underarm thermometers can be used on babies or children of any age. The same is true for another thermometer type for babies i.e. forehead thermometer.

·         Rectal Thermometer

Using a rectal thermometer, the exact body temperature of your baby can be measured. All you have to do is insert the probe of the rectal thermometer inside the anal canal of your baby. It will be a little uncomfortable for your kid as well as you to use a rectal thermometer in the beginning, but with time and practice, things will become easier and doable.

To get the accurate reading, just insert the rectal thermometer not more than 1 inch farther. Wait for two minutes and measure the temperature.

Check with your baby’s paediatrician about the thermometer that will be best suitable for your kid before purchasing them. Once you are clear about things, log onto the website of Smart Medical Buyer and buy high end home medical equipment including various types of baby thermometers.