Dissolvable Sutures: An Innovative Approach To Suturing

The name dissolvable suture is literal. Medical advancements have led to the invention of a type of suture that dissolves within the body over time and saves the patient from going through the trouble of removing the suture. Since these sutures have the ability to get dissolved, doctors use them for both external and internal wounds. This advantage over regular sutures makes them a more preferable choice for oral surgery and surgical procedures of internal organs.

Instead of synthetic substances, dissolvable sutures in India are manufactured using natural substances. When exposed to a foreign substance, the body tries to get rid of it which ultimately causes discomfort to the patient. Dissolvable sutures have overcome this barrier as they are manufactured using substances like polyglactin and polyglycolic acid. These acids get dissolved by the body’s natural enzymes and fluids and eventually get absorbed.

In a number of cases, using dissolvable sutures is considered redundant. This is because dissolvable sutures should stay in contact with the body fluids and/or enzymes in order to get absorbed. When they are used on the surface of the skin, they stay intact due to the absence of the body fluids. Although dissolvable sutures take several weeks to start dissolving, it may take several months for them to get completely absorbed. Also, there are certain factors that affect the time period. Deepness of the wound, the quality of the stitching material used, and the number of stitching materials are some of the few things that need to be considered before calculating the time required to dissolve the suture. Also, while polyglycolic acid stitches dissolve quickly, polyglactin stitches take time.

Precautions in case of the stray or loose stitch

A dissolvable stitch poking out of the skin, before it has completely dissolved, is not something to be scared of. However, if the wound has opened, is bleeding, or manifests signs of infection, rush to the emergency room. The chances of infections or granulomas are very less with dissolvable sutures but if you witness the following symptoms you may need the attention of an expert:

•             Redness

•             Swelling

•             Oozing

•             Fever

•             Pain

Make sure that you do not cut or pull the stitch out. This may reopen the wound and slow down the healing process. Rather, one should have patience and let the process take its course.

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