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Everything You Need To Know If You Are Thinking To Change Your Stethoscope.


Payments, services, banking everything is digitized now. Digitization is the future. Digitization has made daily activities like transferring money, checking blood sugar levels, or blood pressure effortless. Digitization not only makes things simpler but also more precise, accurate, and less time-consuming.

There is no difference in the case of stethoscopes, digital stethoscopes have been better than analog stethoscopes when it comes to audio quality, amplification of sounds, changing of filters, and additional features.


1. Audio Quality: Studies have shown that with digital stethoscopes, hearing murmurs and slight changes in the waves or frequency are considerably easier. Digital stethoscopes are 96% more efficient in relation to sound /audio clarity and loudness.

2. Use of Ear Tips: With analog stethoscopes, you need to use the ear tips of stethoscopes, quite frankly, they are painful. Wearing them for a long time can hurt ears, if not cleaned regularly can develop bacterial growth. Whereas with digital stethoscopes, you can simply connect your headphones or earphones.

3. Noise Cancellation: In an ER or on a busy day you cannot expect absolute silence to hear and diagnose the sound you are hearing. The noise cancellation feature in the Digital stethoscope makes it possible with just a click.

4. Different Stethoscopes for Different Purposes: Cardiology, pediatric, or general with the feature of audio filters you can change between the cardio, pulmonary or wide. However, for lung and cardiac examinations, one must use a stethoscope that provides superior sound quality. A digital stethoscope just makes these switches very simple.

5. Other Features: With digital stethoscopes, you can simply record the waveforms, save them, replay them as many times as you want, and even share them. The waveforms can be heard, seen, and can be saved or printed in .pdf format in a jiffy.


The new 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope with EKO software is a state of art in the era of digitization, with features like noise cancellation, 40 times amplification that makes diagnosing more accurate, precise. When it runs out of battery or whenever you want, it can simply act as a regular traditional stethoscope.

You can check the video by to know more about all new Littman core digital stethoscope.