Different Types of Catheters

A urinary catheter is a hollow, semi-flexible tube that collects urine from the bladder and transports it to a drainage bag.

Catheters may be required if you are unable to empty your bladder. Urine can build up in the bladder if it isn't emptied, causing pressure in the kidneys. The pressure can cause kidney failure, which is dangerous and can result in permanent kidney damage.


There are three main types of catheters available:

- Indwelling Cathters/ Foley Catheters

- External Catheters/ Condom Catheters

- Short Term/ Intermittent Catheters


1) Indwelling Catheters/ Foley Catheters:

A urinary catheter that is left in the bladder is known as an indwelling urinary catheter. An indwelling catheter can be used for a short or long period of time. An indwelling catheter connects to a drainage bag to collect urine. To allow urine to flow out, the bag has a valve that can be opened. Some of these bags have straps that can be fastened to your leg. This enables you to conceal the bag beneath your clothing. Here is where you can get the best indwelling catheters: https://www.smartmedicalbuyer.com/collections/foley-catheter

2) External Catheters/ Condom Catheters:

Men with incontinence can use external catheters. Inside the penis, there is no tube. A condom-like device is instead placed over the penis. From this device, a tube leads to a drainage bag. Every day, the condom catheter must be replaced. Usually it is used by people with serious mental issues like dementia.

3) Short Term Catheters/ Intermittent Catheters:

In some cases, you may only need a catheter after surgery for a short time until your bladder empties. The short-term catheter must be removed once the bladder has emptied. This is referred to as an in-and-out catheter by medical professionals. People are taught to apply the catheter themselves or with the assistance of a caregiver in a home setting. It can be done through the urethra or through a catheterization hole made in the lower abdomen.


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