Different Kinds of Hospital Apparel Used By Doctors

During a hospital visit, you must have noticed doctors wearing different kind of clothing while doing different activities? Are they all disposable? Are they used for a specific procedure only? Are they worn all day? Don’t worry, we will be answering all of these questions.


There are various kinds of apparel used in a hospital by doctors:

1. Disposable Wear:

Disposable wear, as the name suggests, is intended for single use only. It protects the patient and the doctor from contaminating each other with infectious diseases and microbes. It can be a disposable arm sleeve, pyjama, shirt or full body suit.

2. Protection Kits:

In the recent COVID times, a personal protection kit or famously known as PPE was a savior for the frontline workers. They are available everywhere and very necessary while dealing with life threatening infectious diseases, like, AIDS, hepatitis, COVID, ebola etc. It is used by all healthcare workers in an infectious setting. It protects them from spilled transmissible fluid contact and injuries.

3. Radiation Protection Apparel:

In a medical diagnosis facility, you must have noticed the X-ray technicians asking you to wear a heavy apron. It is made of lead. Lead protects the human body from radiation by blocking it. It is dense and provides the protection needed to the patient and the clinician.

4. Examination Apparel:

This includes pieces of clothing worn during patient examination to prevent spreading of diseases to the doctor through open wounds, blood or other body fluids. Examination gloves are very popular. They could be made of nitrile or latex.

5. Face Masks:

The most relevant product because of the ongoing pandemic is a face mask. It is a barrier which protects a person from contracting an air borne disease. They come in varieties based on the severity of the disease and the transmissibility.
The most basic one being a surgical mask, followed by a N95 and a particulate respirator.

6. Surgical Caps:

Surgical caps are a physical barrier between the hair of the doctor and the open surgical site, averting the contamination of the surgical site because of external material like hair.


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