COVID-19 Vaccination

Why should you get vaccinated? What are the misconceptions behind the vaccine? 


In a country like India where the medical sector is quite advanced, the COVID 19 vaccine has played a crucial role in controlling the spread of the novel Coronavirus. However, the pandemic still exists and can affect your health if you are not vaccinated. It is harmful and lethal to infants, children, and even adults. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should most definitely consider getting the Covid-19 vaccine:

- It is a completely safe option:
The Covid-19 vaccine has been evaluated in clinical trials very carefully and authorized only after it was deemed fit for humans. Hence, they are completely safe for humans.

- Safety after contracting the virus: According to experts, the Covid-19 vaccine will prevent you from falling severely ill even if you get infected by the virus. Hence, the vaccine ensures your safety.

- Helps to prevent community spread: The vaccine will not only keep you protected but also the people around you from getting infected. Hence, by getting vaccinated, you can prevent the spread in your community. 

- Save yourself from expensive treatments: If you are not vaccinated, you may get very seriously ill after getting infected and have to be hospitalized. Treatment for Covid-19 is quite expensive. Hence, you can prevent yourself from these expensive treatments by getting vaccinated. 


Misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccines

It may not be safe if you are trying to become pregnant now or in the future: The statement is false. This vaccine is completely safe if you are planning to conceive now or in the near future. It does not lead to any pregnancy problems or fertility problems, including the development of the placenta.

- The vaccine makes you sick: This is absolutely not true. You will not get sick because of the Covid-19 vaccine. In some cases, few people experienced mild vaccination side effects. However, these side effects disappear quickly without any long term effects. In very rare cases, serious side effects from vaccines have been found where you may need the attention of a doctor. 

- The vaccine has toxic elements: If any element is injected in excess, it can prove to be toxic for the body, even water. In many vaccines, elements like formaldehyde and aluminum are present but in very minute amounts. Hence, they do not prove to be toxic or harmful. Similarly, the Covid-19 vaccine does not have toxic elements. In some cases, you may experience an allergic reaction. However, the chances are very low. 


To ensure your safety during this pandemic, you should also protect yourself with masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc., besides the vaccine. If you need any of these products, only buy from trusted sellers like Smart Medical Buyer. Smart Medical Buyer always sells good quality products at reasonable prices.