Are You Choosing the Right Post Operative Dressings?

Operations and surgeries are always carried out with meticulous care in hospitals and nursing homes. However, people and care staff often do not focus on post-operative dressings and procedures that are required afterward. What dressings do the hospitals and nursing homes use for the patient? Gauze and Tapes? Even though gauze and tape have been among the best type of dressings for all patients, several research studies and clinical trials have concluded that they are certainly not the best option for every patient who has undergone surgery. As per studies conducted, usage of only a gauze increases the risk of infections on the surgical site. Bacteria and other microorganisms are easily able to penetrate the layers of the gauze and can cause severe infections. Even not placing a nonadherent pad between the wound/surgical site and the gauze can cause the fiber from gauze to stick to the wound and cause inflammation. 

The Looming Risk Not just the gauze, even the adhesive tape used in most of the hospitals is known to cause several skin-related issues including blisters and epidermal stripping. Friction and shearing make it worse for the patient, irrespective of whether it is from the skin moisture or movements. Bacterial infections are commonly associated with reckless post-operative dressing procedure in which none of the precautions and guidelines are followed, let alone the right product is used. The patient’s health and wellbeing should be of topmost priority when it comes to the choice of an appropriate post-operative dressing. The wrong dressing will reduce the speed of recovery and not allow patients to go about their normal operations whereas the right dressing will help in the reduction of pain and irritation. 

Market Today There is a huge variety of post-surgical dressings available in the market today. These provide a barrier against contamination, apart from being skin-friendly with adhesion that does not hamper the comfort of the patient. Even though they are available at relatively expensive rates in hospitals and many chemist shops, some new dressings are becoming more popular because of their absorbent and non-adherent antimicrobial film. This film is usually transparent and thus allows easy monitoring of the wound for edema or drainage. Not only that, but these dressings also allow the patients to move easily and even take a shower while staying in place for up to seven days. Another upcoming popular dressing is silicone adhesive along with an absorbent pad. These dressings have low surface tension compared to others which is why they are very gentle and are beneficial for the overly fragile skin of the patient. 

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