Benefits of Partnering with an Online Medical/ Hospital Supplies Aggregator

Finding information about the latest medical products and devices is not easy, especially if we consider the number of different manufacturers working on products in various medical specialties, and coming up with newer technologies and latest generation devices regularly. A lot of healthcare companies are also coming up with their individual online stores these days. But for consumers, it is impractical to visit one online store to buy a phone, another one to buy a microwave oven, and a third one to order a birthday gift. People are always looking for a one-stop-shop which reduces the number of transactions and hence the effort on their part while at the same time, providing the widest range of options and competitive prices. Aggregating is one of the best solutions to this problem. Not just for the customers, even for the brands who are trying to sell their products to a bigger and expanded market, aggregators can help in several ways. Before discussing the benefits of partnering with an aggregator, here is a look at what an aggregator is and what role do they play. 

What is an aggregator? An online aggregator is an entity (online platform) that collects information for different products and services and then provides them in a meaningful and acceptable form on a single platform. Aggregators are like repositories of information and hence they can provide an easy interface to people for accessing the same. Smart Medical Buyer- your online medical products store Smart Medical Buyer is an online medical supplies and equipment platform that has tied up with several medical supplies manufacturers of the best brands in the healthcare industry, providing the information through an interface (the website). We have successfully classified different medical products and supplies on the basis of their use (medical specialty) as well as the company/brand, giving the doctors/ clinics/ hospitals/ nursing homes/path labs an unprecedented chance to choose from the best supplies, that too at a wholesale rate. Partnering with Smart Medical Buyer has its own benefits that can give an edge to both the buyers (consumers) as well as the medical industry manufacturers of supplies. Here are a few benefits of partnering with an aggregator like Smart Medical Buyer-

  1. . Clear and complete information for doctors & hospitals - Clear and concise information about all products and services are displayed on the site. This helps in getting complete information regarding all variants, sizes, etc. as well as price comparison between different brands available.
  2. Higher visibility than individual brand stores - One of the biggest advantages of partnering with an aggregator is that the site receives more traffic than an individual brand store. More traffic could potentially bring in more awareness, leads, and interest for the specific brands in the future as customers will tend to browse through all product brands for the best deals and prices.
  3. Opportunity to address a larger market- If a brand has been catering to a specific geography or segment, they can use the partnership with an aggregator like Smart Medical Buyer to address a larger market for an overall expansion beyond geographical limitations due to a relying completely on a physical distribution set up.
  4. More sales, better costs - Last but not the least, partnership with an aggregator means an increase in sales for the brand and of course, the best prices for the consumers.
Benefits of partnering with an aggregator like Smart Medical Buyer for getting the best medical supplies or to market your medical products for better revenue are endless, so begin now before it is too late!