Battle With Breast Cancer In Todays Time

According to a recent survey, about 12 per cent of women across the globe, are diagnosed with breast cancer. This makes for one in every eight women who have to undergo the trauma of dealing with cancer. Breast cancer also takes place in men but it is a very rare occurrence. In women, the risk of cancer increases with age. The tumour develops in the cells and then grows into surrounding tissues, eventually, in some cases, spreading to distant areas of the body.

With October being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is the perfect time to create awareness and discover more about this fatal disease. It is an annual international campaign organized to bring awareness and educate the women on the steps to take for early detection. These campaigns have shown promising results. The study on breast cancer has increased significantly, google searches have shown a rise especially in the month of October. A number of breast cancer charities have been able to raise funds for research into its origin, diagnoses, treatment, cure and prevention.

Creating awareness and spreading knowledge is one of the best ways to ensure that the number of deaths due to this disease is reduced. If women are familiar with the symptoms, causes and preventive measures for breast diseases, they would remain vigilant and get themselves checked at the earliest signs of any abnormality. Constant checks, mammograms, and genetic testing will allow early diagnoses and life-saving treatment options. Some of the ways through which women can reduce the risks are:

  1. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle
  2. A wholesome diet including the essential vitamins.
  3. Staying away from tobacco consumption like cigarettes etc.
  4. Taking the right and instant steps in precancerous conditions.

Treatment and Developments

With the advancement of medical sciences and technology, the treatment options for breast cancer have improved drastically. There are two main ways to go about the treatment for breast cancer: surgery and radiation or systemic treatments like chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Chemotherapy is carried out either through intravenous cannulas or oral injection of the drugs. It has quite a few side effects but is the most effective way to treat cancer in today’s time. They not only eliminate cancer but also prevent the formation of new tumours. Targeted drugs have shown to be effective in stopping the growth of certain tumours where even chemotherapy has failed.

Surgery seeks to remove cancer through lumpectomy, mastectomy, and lymphadenectomy. Radiation therapy uses high energy rays to specifically target the cancer cells left after other treatments.

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This October, in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, becomes a part of the worldwide movement.  Educate those around you, man and woman, to recognize and deal with signs of breast cancer.