Are leakages hitting your hospital's bottom line?

Leakages and transmission losses are the bane of India. Did you know that the regular power cuts in Delhi during the peak season can be avoided just by preventing the loss due to power theft? Did you also know that the water deficiency faced during summer in Hyderabad can be tackled effectively by just harvesting the rainwater every year? Do you have your own clinic or hospital? If yes, I can wager that you could be running a much more profitable set up by just reducing your expense on sourcing. You might believe that you are getting the best prices. But are there points in your procurement process where unknown leakages hit your bottom-line? Have you employed someone to negotiate, select, and coordinate with suppliers? Is this person effective enough? Does he have the same goals as you for the setup? Are you able to audit the process to ensure that there are no hidden deals happening? I understand that being an owner doctor, it is very difficult to balance your time across all the areas that you are required in. What if you could make the procurement process completely transparent with all payments being made digitally and a statement of accounts as easily accessible as your bank statement? What if along with this, you could get the largest selection of medical supplies at great prices which could be ordered with a few clicks?

We, at Smart Medical Buyer, have set up a portal with the aforementioned needs of our customers in mind. Smart Medical Buyer offers a solution that allows you to access the widest range of medical supplies at a fair price. Moreover, all related information about products is readily available. With Smart Medical Buyer, the order quantities can be small enough to suit an individual medical practice, at prices comparable to that of a purchase manager negotiated prices. We are trying to build a solution where technology is an enabler and a means to the end – which is to let you have the best options when you treat your patients.

Smart Medical Buyer is India's largest medical supplies online one-stop-shop, with more than 70 companies, more than 1300 brands, and 7000 plus unique items, and adding more every day. Come join the 8000 plus healthcare practitioners on board with us, and let's make medical supplies sourcing simpler.