All You Need To Know About Procalcitonin Tests

Procalcitonin is a peptide precursor of the hormone calcitonin, the latter being involved with calcium homeostasis. If a person is sick and there are suspicions of bacterial sepsis, the test is prescribed to determine the dissemination of bacterial infection. Bacterial sepsis is a severe systemic infection that might be life-threatening. Though it is important to understand that it does not determine the type of infection. If the result for the procalcitonin test is positive, the physician then orders further tests to diagnose the problem.

You can obtain procalcitonin test 1600 online from Smart Medical Buyer. They are one of the most trusted suppliers of medical equipment and instruments. A high level of procalcitonin is an indicator of infection in any part of your body such as skin, urinary tract, or kidneys that spreads into your bloodstream. Some of the common symptoms in such situations are a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and decreased blood pressure.

The test helps to determine the following:

• Diagnose kidney infections in children with urinary tract infection(UTI)
• Diagnose bacterial infections such as meningitis or sepsis
• Monitor the success rate of antibiotics therapy
• Narrowing down to bacteria as the cause of infections

You may attain procalcitonin test kits 10 on your own but the results of the test should be read by a professional doctor or a qualified health provider only. The range is broadly divided into:

• Normal – 0 to 0.05 micrograms per liter
• Low risk of sepsis – less than 0.05
• Possible sepsis – between 0.05 and 2
• Moderate to high risk – between 2 and 10
• Severe sepsis – 10 or higher

The test can also help determine if the cause behind the infection is a virus or bacteria. If the symptoms are extreme and the level of procalcitonin is low then the cause is more likely to be a virus. This helps in better diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

The early detection of an infection, the better the chances of avoiding severe health issues. Pct 3600 kits are extensively used for this purpose and protect you from further trouble. It is always good to keep such tests handy. You can buy them online from Smart Medical Buyer which also has other medical equipment such as the stethoscope, blood pressure machine, thermometer, medical tapes, and much more.