Advances In Healthcare Instruments - Portable Medical Home Equipment

Patient care and comfort have been some of the key drivers of the healthcare industry in recent times. In the US it was estimated that even about 5 years ago some 12 million people were receiving in-home health care. This trend is only being mirrored in India and is likely to grow with great advances in technology. What makes home care easy, readily available, and affordable is the steady introduction to some superlative medical devices made available by medical products manufacturers such as Point of Care Biomedical (POCT). The technological innovations introduced by POCT and other companies have made it possible for compact diagnostic equipment to be privately owned and used.

Common Home-use Medical Devices

Some of the most common medical devices found in homes include first aid supplies and medication delivery equipment. These include hard tip thermometers, bandages, and heating pads, and even dosage cups for liquid medication. Mobility aids such as crutches, canes, and prosthetic limbs or sensory aids such as glasses and hearing aids are also very common. With the advancement of technology and attempts to overcome the shortcomings of these devices, a lot many more medical aid devices have been introduced. These include the ultrasonic height and weight scales, flexible tip thermometers and infrared thermometers, and mobility scooters. The introduction of e-commerce based medical supplies stockists such as the Smart Medical Buyer website has made it easier to equip ourselves with these. You can find medical instruments by POCT such as compressed nebulizers and ECG Spray on their platform.

Specialized care is now possible

Even about a decade ago, developing a disease such as Diabetes Mellitus translated into a lifetime of diagnostic testing at pathological laboratories. A person with Asthma would have to rush to the ER or a clinic every time he or she suffered an attack. The sheer labor, effort, and money spent on monitoring these or providing relief was intimidating. With the easy availability of home testing devices and POCT lancets, a diabetes patient can easily test his or her blood glucose levels at home several times a day. The battery-operated portable nebulizer and strong airflow compressor nebulizer have made life very easy for patients suffering from asthma and pulmonary disorders.

Going Beyond

Medical devices manufacturers such as POCT have gone far beyond and are now taking homecare to the next level. The POCT vein finder is one device that has been developed to help patients who are chronically ill or patients who suffer from needle anxiety, those with fragile veins, or even those who are allergic to the tourniquet material. This portable, lightweight LED device helps locate the veins allowing first stick success. This also means that the patient's caregivers can learn to administer medication at home if need be.

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