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Remember how we ordered food before Zomato? Apart from the fact that we ordered out very infrequently, ordering was always a challenge with the following options being used:
We had a good meal at a restaurant close to our homes and asked for a copy of their menu and phone number in case we wanted to order in.

We collected and carefully saved restaurant flyers in a file to be looked through on Sat night. We would have to go through the trial and error of trying out new restaurants and new dishes to finally arrive at the 5 best dishes in the 3 best restaurants which would be used repeatedly for the next few years. Experimenting with new restaurants/dishes always came with the fear of how the food would turn out to be.

Then came Zomato and numerous similar websites with an array of listings and a range of search options - cuisines, locality-based, rating based, etc. We had reviews of other foodies to rely upon which reduced the chances of a rank bad meal. We have reached a stage where most of us don't even call to order these days, doing everything on the web/app including the payment.

Imagine if this could be done to medical supplies sourcing. All of us know the best brands and their local prices. But what if we knew that there was a gelatin sponge available from an Indian company which was just as effective as that of the MNC market leader. And the price was 25% lower. What if we knew that there was a 2ml syringe available with a 26G needle, which is more suited to our needs compared to a 24G variant. Imagine the immediate increase in the number of verified options at your disposal.

Wouldn't that be so much better than ordering the same dishes from the same couple of restaurants every week?

We at Smart Medical Buyer offer a solution that takes your location out of the equation and allows you to access the widest range of medical supplies with a few clicks. With Smart Medical Buyer, the order quantities can be small enough to suit an individual medical practice, at prices comparable to that of expo prices. We are trying to build a solution where technology is an enabler and a means to the end – which is to let you have the best options when you treat your patients.

Smart Medical Buyer is India's largest medical supplies one-stop online shop, with more than 60 companies, more than 1000 brands and 5000 plus unique items, and adding more every day. Come join the 7000 plus healthcare practitioners on board with us, and let's make medical supplies sourcing simpler.