5 Steps Taken By The Delhi Government To Deal With The Pollution

With Delhi and the NCR enveloped by the hazardous smog and turning into a gas chamber, the pollution levels are breaching the permissible limits by multiple times. The air quality index has been going beyond the measurable scale and reaching new heightened numbers each day. Stepping out has become more dangerous than ever. The health ministry and declared an emergency and advised everyone to use anti-pollution face mask at all times.

With multiple factors contributing to the accumulation of the deadly smog over the city, it has become very difficult to control the pollution. The government has come up with certain measures to take against Delhi pollution.

  1. Odd-Even Policy: The government has brought back the odd-even policy starting in November. As per the rule, between 8 am and 8 pm private, non-commercial vehicles can come out on the road on alternate days only. According to the number plate of the vehicle, if the plate ends in an odd number it can be used on odd days and if the plate ends in an even number, it can be used on even days only. This has helped reduce pollution to a great extent and reduced the number of vehicles on the road on a daily basis.
  2. Hospitals Told To Be Prepared: The Health Ministry has directed all the hospitals to be prepared for a rise in the patient load due to the heightened pollution. People suffering from asthma and sinusitis are especially seen visiting doctors. The hospitals have been told to keep nebulizers and other related equipment ready to be used in case of emergencies.
  3. Schools Closed: The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia declared that all the schools will be closed due to the hazardous air quality in the city. He said that the health of these kids could not be compromised and hence the schools have been shut.
  4. Ban On Burning Waste: The National Green Tribunal announced a number of measures to deal with the pollution in Delhi right now. Some of these are a ban on industry activities and the entry of trucks. No construction work will be carried out until told otherwise.
  5. Hike In Parking Fee: In an attempt to discourage the people from taking out their cars and contribute to the rising pollution, the Delhi authorities like MCD, DDA have increased the parking fee by four times. This has been done so that people decide on saving their money and opt for public transport or pool services instead of individually travel by their own vehicles.

With these and many more steps taken by the government to help curb the pollution, we as citizens also need to play our role for the same. Choose eco-friendly options in everything possible and protect yourself by covering your face when heading out. You can buy anti-pollution mask online on Smart Medical Buyer.