5 Small Lifestyle Changes that can Improve your Health significantly

Studies have shown that stress level among healthcare professionals is alarmingly high. It is a well-known fact that stress and heart issues are positively co-related.  

Heart issues include hypertension, blockages, abnormal cortisol levels causing disturbance in the blood flow & pressure and abnormality in heart functions. 

It is safe to assume most lifestyle diseases are the consequence of poor stress management. In the case of healthcare professionals, it is crucial that they practice what they preach to patients. Healthcare professionals have the same anatomy as humans. 


Here are five small changes to manage stress while keeping your heart healthy:


Food awareness: Try and be aware of what you are eating. Processed foods with high sodium and high sugar content can trigger hypertension. Reducing caffeine can go a long way in managing palpitations, anxiety, dehydration etc. Changes in the diet can be made only when one is aware of what they are eating and how much water is being consumed. One must be mindful of how much, what, when, and how the body responds to food. 


Sleep: It is vital to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep for the normal functioning of the heart and other body parts. Understandably, it could be next to impossible for doctors, especially new doctors, to get any sleep sometimes. However, one should prioritise their health and take power naps to relax their body. 


Asanas and breathing: Well, it is not convenient to close your eyes and take naps. that is where simple stretching and guided meditations can help you at least relax and bring your vitals back to normal. 


Stress management: Having a hobby really helps. It could be drawing, singing, or anything that makes you happy. It is essential to understand that it is not mandated to be good at your hobbies; you can draw and paint like two-year-old. If it makes you happy and you enjoy the process, it doesn't have to make sense to others. 


Regular check: Keeping a check on the heart track, oxygen level, and blood pressure is crucial if you are constantly present in stressful situations. 


These small additions and reductions in lifestyle will assure the prevention of heart diseases and manage chronic lifestyle conditions. You can reduce the stress of medical supplies by checking out smartmedicalbuyer.com