5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Stethoscope

With time, natural wear and tear reduce the efficiency of a trusty stethoscope that has been by a doctor’s side through numerous patient exams, catching every heartbeat and belly gurgle. With an instrument so imperative for the day-to-day functioning in the medical field, waiting too long to replace the stethoscope is really not advisable. Many feel an attachment to their first stethoscopes and the ones that have been with them through the most taxing of times. But emotions should not hamper you from examining a patient accurately, which a stethoscope with reduced efficiency can hamper. If you can notice the sound quality not up to the mark, or witnessing cracks on the tube, it is time to bid farewell to your stethoscope. These, along with the following are some of the reasons why it’s time to browse through our website and find yourself a new stethoscope:
  1. Upgrading to the latest
If you’re not on top of the changes in the stethoscope market, then you may not be aware that currently, there are stethoscope models available with improved acoustics, single-piece diaphragms, and advanced tubing. If you’re not familiar with the latest in stethoscope technology, it is time you gave your stethoscope an upgrade. Littmann Stethoscope in India is a favorite for it incorporates the latest technology in its products and constantly innovating for superior performance.
  1. Different results with each check-up
If you find that diagnostic tests are uncovering things you missed out on during your checkups or you find fellow doctors are hearing things through auscultation exams you’re not, then its time you bought a new stethoscope. You certainly don’t want to miss out on anything or make an incorrect diagnosis because of your stethoscope.
  1. You wish to reward yourself
You may have been recently promoted, or have achieved a professional accomplishment or reached a certain milestone in your life. A good quality stethoscope is a wise investment that can be worth every penny but takes this opportunity to reward yourself with the best in the business. Littman stethoscopes prices in India are extremely reasonable for the vast array of features and excellent performance they offer and make for a great reward.
  1. Increase accessibility

Sometimes, the replacement of a stethoscope is not what you need but adding more of them in your different work-spaces to increase its lifespan. Carrying your stethoscope everywhere you go may actually affect it negatively. To ensure that you have access to the instrument wherever you go, make sure you have a stethoscope within reach. Keep one at home, one at your workplace and one in your car- emergencies can happen anywhere! A stethoscope is a doctor’s prized possession and should always be in the best condition for effective usage.