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Waves and attacks of COVID 19 have become the new normal. But, we must understand that every wave is more infectious and deadlier.

The third wave of this virus is inevitable. How big or small, no one knows yet. Everyone is trying to make an intelligent guess but basically they are all just guesses.


Here are the few reasons why we think Covid-19 3rd, 4th,6th….. waves are inevitable:

1. Weakened Immunity by New Virus

The Virus mutates over a period due to multiple human and environmental factors that are again, unknown. And Each Virus mutation is slightly different in its transmissibility and severity. And every time this virus hits our body, we are able to generate some antibodies to fight it. The issue is that given enough time, this virus can create enough versions of itself that can then no longer be effected by the antibodies that were created while fighting the earlier variants.

2. Slow Vaccination Rate

The world is a large place with over 7.8 Billion people and vaccinating all of them is a long and tedious task . And while we are trying to vaccinate all of them, the virus is also finding new ways to survive. In the last 6 months, only about 12% of world population has been fully vaccinated and under 25% people have been partially vaccinated. At this rate, we will take about 3 years to vaccinate the world population. So it is not difficult to imagine that by the time we are able to vaccinate all, the vaccines themselves might get outdated to fight the newer more powerful mutations. It does not mean that we do not vaccinate, which will surely safeguard us today, but it does mean that there might be newer vaccines required as we head into the next decade.

3. Lockdown Openings & Complacency

We cannot stay in a lockdown forever, but the openings need to come with valid warnings and clear instructions to keep ourselves safe. And the citizens also need to take it upon themselves to educate themselves and keep their guards up to survive the pandemic and ensure that the transmission is halted at the first step itself and we do not give the virus a chance to turn our bodies into a host for mutation.

4. Kids

Kids are not only not vaccinated, there is no likelihood of them getting these shots anytime soon. The focus is to get adults vaccinated first so we can get the economy on track. That might be the right thing to do given the hit on  economy and how many people have faced deaths of adults in their families . However, we cannot look away from the possibility of the third or forth wave of this pandemic to be centred around kids either. Kids generally have stronger immune systems and if the virus can in any way mutate to them, we might have an even more powerful strain of this virus waiting for us.

5. The Unknown Factors

There are so many things we still do not know about this virus. Like how long do our natural antibodies work, how long the vaccine antibodies work. How many more variants are possible or likely. And so many more. The next waves could be worse as it will again take more lives and hit economy and throw even more people under the poverty line.


Basic masking, santization, vaccination and travelling only when necessary is  the only way to stop the transmission of virus and prevent several deadlier mutations and waves of the same.

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You can know more about reasons and prevention of possible COVID 19 waves by the seeing this video.