4 Simple Ways to Stop Bleeding from Cuts & Wounds

An unexpected medical emergency can arise anytime. An incised cut or wound caused by a sharp object like a knife needs immediate attention. Being ready to respond in that situation can make a whole lot of difference in the quality of care – you are confident, and you maintain your cool while responding with medical care. It is therefore advised to have a well-equipped first aid kit at home, containing all necessary tools and supplies like bandages, tweezers, 3M micropore paper tape, and antibiotic ointment. In most cases, when there is a cut or a wound, blood platelets coagulate on their own to create a clot. But the speed of the blood coagulation process varies from person to person. To speed up the process, there are some remedies that can help blood coagulate faster and stop bleeding. Listed below are simple ways to effectively tackle a bleeding cut or wound: 

Dress the cut: Dressing with the wound with a micropore tape is one of the most effective ways to stop the bleeding. A micropore tape helps dress scar/cut and ensure quick healing; it allows the skin to breathe and reduces the chances of skin stretching. Practiced physicians are known to use 3m durapore tapes can secure the original dressing in place. It also minimizes post-surgical scar formation and prevents the development of unwanted scars. Another benefit of using this tape is that it keeps the area around the wound healthy and protected. 

Apply ice Rubbing ice on the bleeding wound constricts the blood vessels and help blood clot quickly. This popular home remedy is supported by scientific research as well; bleeding time is longer when the body temperature is high. The application for this procedure is very simple. You simply need to wrap an ice cube in a clean, dry cloth and apply it directly to the wound. Make sure that the body temperature is normal when applying ice. 

Use Petroleum Jelly Petroleum jelly has been found to be very effective in slowing the bleeding on shallow cuts. This is because of its wax and oil content that aid in skin protection. Martial arts and boxing players are often seen using petroleum jelly on wounds and cuts. It can also be used at home to stop bleeding. One should note to wipe the wound clean and remove all the jelly afterward. 

Use styptic pencil: This medicated stick is widely used to seal cuts, especially the ones caused during shaving. It contains an alum block which has astringent properties and causes the blood vessels to contract, thus stopping bleeding. Fairly simple to use, the pencil should be dabbed on the bleeding point, and the cut will stop bleeding within seconds.