4 Nebulizers That Are a Bang for The Buck

Nebulizers are an effective means of treating respiratory problems directly; they send the medication directly to your lungs within minutes. While other medications take about half an hour to relieve breathlessness, nebulizer acts immediately. Two variants are usually available in the market – battery-operated and power-operated.  While our website has a host of options when it comes to choices, these 4 nebulizer machine models have, time and again, have received a lot of love from our customers.

Know more about them:

1. Romsons Aeromac Nebulizer: Romsons Aeromac Nebulizer comes with a mask set along with all other necessary accessories required for delivering quality aerosol. This ultra-compact nebulizer features an extremely lightweight portable compressor system, becoming a hit among those preferring portable nebulizers. The aerosol therapy ensures that the medication is administered directly to the respiratory tract and lungs in an efficient manner. Romsons Aeromac Nebulizer has a special star lumen tube too, which ensures the continuous flow of air. 

2. BPL Breathe Ezee N4 Nebulizer: This model by BPL gets a lot of positive response due to its smooth delivery of aerosol without making too much noise. Its low noise formula is perfect, and so is the oil-free piston compressor that ensures lower consumption of energy; it is an energy-friendly nebulizer with a high nebulization rate. The compact design packing in easy portability also wins brownie points. 

3. Omron NE- C30 Nebulizer: If you are looking for a nebulizer machine online which may be used both by adults as well as kids, then Omron NE- C30 Nebulizer is the one you need.  It comes with a virtual valve technology that allows for systematic breathing using a mouthpiece. There is no wastage of medicine, owing to the 7ml medicine cup. Dense aerosol in therapeutic range and small particle size output ensures an efficient supply of medication to the lungs. The nebulizer comes with all the necessary accessories and can be carried easily. 

4. Romsons Angel Nebulizer: This is an effective medication delivery nebulizer that scores high on the ease of use. This single-button operational device is also extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The life expectancy of this nebulizer goes beyond 1000 hours when working at 0.3 ml/ min nebulization rate. This ultra-compact nebulizer system also has a piston pump that works noiselessly, providing comfort to those who don’t like noise. While these are the popular models among our customers, you should keep your personal preferences and convenience on priority when shortlisting and finally choosing your nebulizer.