3 Tips For An Immaculate Personal Hygiene

Staying healthy isn’t just about having a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. They are two vital components of maintaining your wellness but it doesn’t stop here. Your body needs proper care for retaining its strength and condition. Hygiene and a clean routine as essential for wholesome life. Inculcating certain habits and sticking to a regime is no rocket science. You can find quite a few tips online and seek guidance from your personal physician as well.

Developing habits can be a bit difficult initially, but once it becomes a part of your daily life, you wouldn’t want to let go of these. In today’s time of pollution, one can never be prepared enough to safeguard our body from sources of bacteria and viruses. It is also imperative to pay attention to certain aspects that we generally overlook in terms of personal care and hygiene.

Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your personal hygiene and stay clear of diseases and allergies.

  1. Keep Your Hands Clean: Our most interactive body part with the world around us is the hands. They come in touch with millions of things on a daily basis. A single currency note can carry up to 26000 different bacteria. It is thus advised to wash your hands properly before you eat, after using a washroom, especially public restrooms, etc. One way to ensure you always have your hands clean is to keep CareNow MomNPop Adult Skin Care Wipes. These help clear the skin of bacteria and germs and have a moisturizing effect. They are highly recommended by doctors and used in medical institutions.
  2. Clean Your Belly Button: Research shows that an unclean navel can house around 60 different types of bacteria. The navel is placed in a sensitive area of our stomach and is close to some vital organs. This makes it necessary to ensure that it is dry and clean of dirt to avoid infections. You can use cotton buds or oil for cleaning the area. The most important thing is to wash off with water and dry it completely.
  3. Pay Attention To The Feet: We often tend to focus on the upper parts of the body and ignore the legs and feet. But it is important for you to change your socks on a daily basis and keep your keep dry. You should also allow your shoes to breathe and put them out in the sun regularly. This discourages the growth of fungal and bacterial growth that can harm your skin. To ensure extra care, you can soak your feet in warm water once a week to clean your pores.

Making these a part of your daily routine can help you maintain a healthy life. There are a number of products that help you take care of your personal hygiene. CareNow is a leading manufacturer of anti-microbial products for protection against germs and infections. If you are from the medical profession, you can choose from supplies like surgical handrub, doctor coat, bath wipes, IV dressing kit, etc., among various others. Log on to Smart Medical Buyer to avail great discounts on these products. Shop for Rs 1500 and above and get a 7% discount on your bill. Grab the opportunity and order the best quality products from Smart Medical Buyer.